The Heart Of The Matter – Perseverance

26 Jul

The Heart Of The Matter
by Joyce Cordell, Co-Founder of RYL


Often, when someone is very successful and it appears on the surface that they perform without effort, what you fail to see are the hundreds or even thousands of “pre-success” hours that created that sense of ease. If you get  impatient and move around too much, or keep changing companies because you get bored or itchy for success, you may be quitting too early. You may not have given your opportunity adequate time to develop your skills and learn the ropes.

Anyone can be successful in RESTART YOUR LIFE but many people fail to give it a fair try. If they have one or more disappointments early on, they allow their fear or impatience to enter into the equation and they’re on to something else. In a nutshell, they quit too early. They lack perseverance. Instead of saying, “This is going to take some time and work and I’m going to do what it takes,” they believe that there is something out there that is going to be much easier. There isn’t. Any new venture that is destined for success is going to take work and perseverance. If it didn’t, your success wouldn’t be as rewarding.

We all know people who need to have healthy working immune systems and more money at the end of the   month. The corporate staff is here to help you achieve your dreams and goals. We are in the “persevering” business with you!


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