Dreams – What Are Yours?

31 Jul

What is your dream?  Have you thought about this lately?  Well we all have them and it is time to do a little housework and dust them off.

You know we all get caught up in the day-to-day activities, the kids and their games, thinking about mowing the yard or doing work in the flower beds, the overhead of life in general.  Well we normally forget to seek out our dreams in all of these activities.

We have dreams, every one of us.  Mine is traveling with my wife on the water up and down the Intracoastal Waterway, up and down the Mississippi River on my awesome yacht. And, yes you have one too.  You’ve probably have had it since childhood.

But everyday day-to-day activities steps in and, BANG just like that the dreams are busted and you have moved them to the rear of your thoughts.  You still have the dreams, but you just don’t have time for them right now.  And before we know we have grown older and all the “activities” have covered them up. Are you there?

Your dreams are still there, they are just buried. Well I am here to tell you, it is time to dust them off and bring them back to your thought process. A dream is like a goal, you must have it in front of you so you keep your momentum moving in the direction of fulfillment. Occasionally you will connect with them, if only just for a second. You will see something or will have a thought of a long time ago. Your dream comes back to you, even if just for a moment. If you are not continuing to pursue your dream you have a deep regret. Then something activities come along and it’s gone again.

It is time to get a shovel and dig those dreams out of the depths of our minds and bring them back for good. What is life without dreams or goals? Don’t live someone else’s dreams!

Restart Your Life can help you fulfill your dreams if you will just make a little time and move forward with the tools that are provided.  Our corporate staff work hard everyday coming up with new ideas to help you build your business. They are spending the $$ to make you $$ and almost ALL of it is being provided free of charge!  Do you know of many other companies that do this, and especially being a newly launched company? The majority of them nickel and dime you to death for every little improvement and change their marketing plan to take away money rather than add to it.

Now is the time with RYL to make your dreams come true, so dig down deep and connect with your dreams again.  After all doesn’t dreams make the life more enjoyable?  Have a dream and you’ll have a life that’s full and rewarding.


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