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Positive Focus

Visualization plays a key role in your life, whether you realize it or not. What you contantly visualize and think about is generally what you become.

If you are always dwelling on the negative — your health problems, the money you owe, your troubled relationships — then you give even more power to these things and they continue to manifest in your life in abundance.

By contrast, when you constantly visualize life the way you want it to be — optimum health, increased income, free of debt — then these things will begin to appear.

It almost seems like magic, but there is nothing magical about it. Our minds work by association. There is so much information coming at us on a daily basis that we can’t possibly process it all. So we experience life and relate to the world in terms of things we already know. You create a model in your mind that allows you to make sense of the world around you.

When that model is positive, and focused on your goals, then you see the opportunities in all situations. Make a habit of constantly focusing on the positive and visualizing the person you want to become. When you regularly visualize yourself as successful and effective, then your mind will find a way to bring that visualization into reality.


One Step At A Time

Great achievements rarely ever come in a single shot. They come from a lot of little steps, one after the other, day after day. The successful people in life are able to visualize their goals, but that’s really the easy part. Successful people are also able to visualize the pathway to their goals, the series of steps along the way.

That is why planning is so important. You must learn to plan each day, each week, each month, if you’re going to reach the ultimate goal. Great things do not happen by chance. Acheivement is not haphazard. You need a strategy, a plan of action. You need to realize that every day is a step along the way, and to plan each day accordingly.

We’re all given the same 24 hours in every day, the same 7 days in every week, the same 30 or so days in every month. What we make of that time is largely dependent upon how well we plan and organize the minutes and hours of our lives. Everything you do will have consequences down the road. You can’t escape that fact. What you can do is to make sure your actions today will lead to the consequences that you desire.

Visualize the unbroken chain of days stretching into your future. Are all the links there, or does your chain just have a beginning (now) and an ending (where you want to be “someday”)? If you see your goals occuring “someday” rather than on some specific day, that “someday” might never come. Seeing the end of the road is a step in the right direction. Now you’ve got to fill in the middle of the road. What are the steps that will take you to where you want to be?

One useful method is to start with your goal and work backwards. Say you want to sail around the world. To do that you’ll need a boat and plenty of experience sailing it. To get the boat you’ll need money. To get the experience you’ll need to take training courses and crew on other people’s boats. To get the money you’ll need to save and invest on a monthly basis. To take the training courses you’ll need to do some research and see who offers the best ones. And so on. . .

Any thing you want to do, any goal you have, can be worked backward like this, all the way back to today. Once you work it back all the way, you have a clear picture of what you need to do today, tomorrow, and every day until your goal is realized.

Achievement does not come from wishful thinking. It comes from action. Before you can take action, you need to know what that action is. Look at where you want to be, and lay out the path to get there. Then, when you get started every morning, you’ll know exactly where you’re going.

— Ralph Marston


How To Get Around In LinkedIn

How To Get Around In LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social networking site that I have not utilized to it’s full potential mainly because I just didn’t understand how to get around in it.  That is until recently when I joined a training community that taught us how to use LinkedIn along with a few other social networking communities.  Now I get it so I wanted to share what I learned with you!

I shot a video to show you how to get around in LinkedIn.  I hope I didn’t rush through it too quickly but there was no way I could cover everything in just one video or post for that matter.  I didn’t cover how to connect your other accounts to your LinkedIn profile like Twitter or your blog posts so I can include that in a future post.

After reviewing the video, if you have any other questions be sure to leave them for me in the comment section.  If they need further explanation than just my comment reply, I’ll include those in another video tutorial.

I hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to leave me your comments.

Have you started using LinkedIn?  If not, why?  You know it’s where all the business professionals are…  I’m just saying!  🙂


Reasons to Tweet

At its heart, Twitter is like attending a cocktail party – albeit one on the global scale with a seemingly endless capacity for attendees. However, most people who haven’t engaged with the medium are at a loss for why Twitter matters. I can’t tell you how many contacts – ranging from hip 20-somethings to Baby Boomers and beyond – have remarked “I don’t ‘get’ Twitter.” If you find yourself trying to explain the benefits of Twitter to Twitterphobes, you may want to explain the reasons why tweeting is worthwhile. Here are a few talking points for starters:

  • Zirect communication – Back in the day, individuals did business with other individuals. They shopped in the town where they lived, and they personally knew the shopkeepers. As business has become global, we’ve gotten away from that personal touch. Twitter, however, opens the door for businesses and consumers to interact directly again. One survey showed that customers choose Twitter as the medium for interacting with customers specifically because they receive answers and are treated like individuals.
  • Personality – Twitter presents a great opportunity for creating awareness about your brand, product, or service. The less formal nature of Twitter lends itself to showing off a company’s personality through trivia and factoids, contests, and other messages that bring a face and personality to the brand.
  • Cross-promotion – Through Twitter, you can link to any online item, from industry news and company-specific news to YouTube videos and product reviews. It’s a wonderful way to gather a myriad of information into one place and share it with your self-selected audience.
  • Gathering information – Not only is Twitter an effective means of communicating to your audience and telling your story – it’s also a great way to gather information through a variety of sources. You can build lists that group people you’re following into one feed based on your labeling. You can also search all of Twitter via to find out what people are saying about your company or competitors. Hashtags are a quick and easy way to see what people are saying about a specific topic or trend.

Of course, the most important takeaway to leave with Twitter newbies is to not get sidetracked by the medium. Yes, Twitter is a hip social media tool, but it’s merely that –  a tool. Tools are merely instruments that are specialized to aid in the accomplishment of a task or goal, and in this case, that task is communicating effectively. By making the message the focus –  not the method – you’ll be able to jump into the Twitter fray in a meaningful way.








Have you ever encountered a boss whose approach to power and leadership baffled you?

According to Harvard Business Review, one’s instincts where power is concerned – both giving and receiving it – stem from conditioning in one’s life since childhood, particularly within the family unit. In researching power styles, author Maggie Craddock observed that “the building blocks of anyone’s signature power style are rooted in the ways they have been conditioned to respond emotionally and behaviorally to the first authority figures they encountered in life, namely, their caregivers.”

In other words, those whose caregivers asked for the child’s opinion in making family decisions are likely to be adults who appreciate when colleagues take time to connect and build a trust-based relationship. Conversely, those raised by authoritarian caregivers usually build their power relationships based in fear, which can lead to disliking consensus building and preferring independent leadership.

Most people’s power styles are a blend of the following four profiles, according to Craddock. Where do you fit into the mix?  The Pleaser – These are the folks who, lacking the attention they craved early in life, are hardwired to care for others. They hunger for validation and connect with others at a personal level as a means of gaining power.

  • The Charmer – As a child, these individuals often had to care for a parent’s emotional needs. Consequently, these individuals have little respect for formal authority and may resort to manipulating others to get their needs met. Charmers have an intense focus that both intimidates and seduces others into compliance.
  • The Commander – Sports, religion, military, or any larger system that reinforces discipline or a strict code of conduct has often featured strongly in the family of a Commander. Accustomed to that active scope of thinking, Commanders tend to foster a sense of urgency as they focus on results.
  • The Inspirer – Self-expression is more important than conformity in the families of Inspirers. These innovative thinkers operate with a consistent commitment to the greater good, an example set by parents who made sacrifices to achieve excellence.

Remember, no power style is inherently good or bad – each has its share of strengths and challenges. Recognizing how you react to power will help you to react accordingly, strengthening the advantages while minimizing the drawbacks.


101 Reasons To Start Your Own MLM Business

While searching the internet yesterday, I came across a site that I found interesting and within that site I also came across this blog entry.  I thought it was kind of neat and felt that some of the readers here may also enjoy.

While there are 101 Reasons I will post post them in increments over the next 4 days (including todays installment).

Thanks to MLM1776 for providing this post for your enjoyment!

Tons of fun to go over why I feel MLM is the business for today, it is a great list. I think it will make a great eBook for all of us to us to get more prospects in the future. Look for that in June. I will make it into an eBook you can use to attract prospects. It can even have your own eCover. I found a super simple very nice FREE ebook cover maker online (find that in the MLM Building Tools area).

Enjoy this 101 MLM list of Benefits:

1.    Low start-up
2.    No prior experience needed in Business home Internet Marketing MLM
3.    Meaning no degree or higher education needed
4.    No trade school
5.    Anyone 18 or above can start it.
6.    The Handicapped can start it from a laptop and Internet connection.
7.    Can be started from home
8.    Can be started from the trunk of a car
9.    Can be started part-time
10.    Can be worked any hour of the day
11.    Any day of the week
12.    Can take any day off you want
13.    Or week
14.    Or month…. You get the point
15.    You have no boss in Business home Internet Marketing MLM
16.    You have no employees
17.    Your income is never capped, no limits
18.    Once established, it could earn you an income for life
19.    It is not retirement income, it is royalty income
20.    You can become wealthy from it
21.    It can give that extra income you need
22.    Or protect you against financial ruin in case of a loss of job
23.    In many companies, your franchise is will-able
24.    In most companies, you can sell it, meaning it is an asset you are building, just like any other company
25.    Your market is global (in most companies these days)

Watch for tomorrows installment of 25 more Benefits of MLM or Owning Your Own Business.


Prevent The Shrinkage

Did you go to bed last night thinking you had one number of Independent Marketing Directors (IMDs) in your down-line and then wake up this morning with a new number?

Well you are not by yourself! There are many out there that thought this would not happen after all the weeks that have gone by since it was announced.  But now after the “purge” the number of IMDs in the entire company has been reduced.

How many did you lose? If you lost one, then you have lost one that could have had their life changed, if only they had worked at this program.

Those that have done their due diligence will reap the benefits down the road and those that have gone by the wayside were nothing but “deadwood”.  They were taking up space.  It is very doubtful that any of them would have done anything.  After all, they have had several months to make a move and they chose not to even after repeated emails and phone calls.

If you are expecting to make it big and become rich overnight or even in as little as 6 months or a year, you are sadly mistaken. It takes time to build not only a down-line but a company that will sustain and pay out that kind of cash.

The pay plan that RYL has put together is one of the most lucrative I have ever seen or been exposed to.  The Corporate Leadership, are providing eleven that’s right 11 ways to earn an income, all each of you, as an IMD need to do is get the word out.

Learn how to do this simply by getting your 3 and help them get their 3 and before you know it the matrix that you are struggling with will be full and you will be in the income of a lifetime!

If you do this within the first 10 days after becoming an IMD you will not only receive a $100 dollar bonus check but you will also qualify for the pool, to receive $ .25 for every bottle sold, for life.  That will be HUGE in the years down the road and as RYL continues to grow over time.

So let’s not worry about the loss, but go out and get the gains!

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