Prevent The Shrinkage

01 Aug

Did you go to bed last night thinking you had one number of Independent Marketing Directors (IMDs) in your down-line and then wake up this morning with a new number?

Well you are not by yourself! There are many out there that thought this would not happen after all the weeks that have gone by since it was announced.  But now after the “purge” the number of IMDs in the entire company has been reduced.

How many did you lose? If you lost one, then you have lost one that could have had their life changed, if only they had worked at this program.

Those that have done their due diligence will reap the benefits down the road and those that have gone by the wayside were nothing but “deadwood”.  They were taking up space.  It is very doubtful that any of them would have done anything.  After all, they have had several months to make a move and they chose not to even after repeated emails and phone calls.

If you are expecting to make it big and become rich overnight or even in as little as 6 months or a year, you are sadly mistaken. It takes time to build not only a down-line but a company that will sustain and pay out that kind of cash.

The pay plan that RYL has put together is one of the most lucrative I have ever seen or been exposed to.  The Corporate Leadership, are providing eleven that’s right 11 ways to earn an income, all each of you, as an IMD need to do is get the word out.

Learn how to do this simply by getting your 3 and help them get their 3 and before you know it the matrix that you are struggling with will be full and you will be in the income of a lifetime!

If you do this within the first 10 days after becoming an IMD you will not only receive a $100 dollar bonus check but you will also qualify for the pool, to receive $ .25 for every bottle sold, for life.  That will be HUGE in the years down the road and as RYL continues to grow over time.

So let’s not worry about the loss, but go out and get the gains!


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