How To Get Around In LinkedIn

29 Aug

How To Get Around In LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a social networking site that I have not utilized to it’s full potential mainly because I just didn’t understand how to get around in it.  That is until recently when I joined a training community that taught us how to use LinkedIn along with a few other social networking communities.  Now I get it so I wanted to share what I learned with you!

I shot a video to show you how to get around in LinkedIn.  I hope I didn’t rush through it too quickly but there was no way I could cover everything in just one video or post for that matter.  I didn’t cover how to connect your other accounts to your LinkedIn profile like Twitter or your blog posts so I can include that in a future post.

After reviewing the video, if you have any other questions be sure to leave them for me in the comment section.  If they need further explanation than just my comment reply, I’ll include those in another video tutorial.

I hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to leave me your comments.

Have you started using LinkedIn?  If not, why?  You know it’s where all the business professionals are…  I’m just saying!  🙂


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