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Creating Wealth

So many people get hung up on trying to “get money.” That is not the way to wealth. First of all, you don’t just “get” money. You exchange something of value for money, if you want money. Money, however, is not what anyone wants. What we want are the things that we can exchange the money for.

The way to wealth is to create something valuable that has not ever existed before. This can be tangible or intangible, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that it is valuable. What do I mean by valuable? I mean that it is valued by other people who are willing to exchange their own things of value in order to receive the benefits of what you have created.

You can create a product, a place, a concept, a work or art, a network of people, whatever. Most likely your creation will be a combination of things. And creation does not necessarily imply “creativity” in the sense that we normally think of it. Building something is creating, even if you’re not the one who originally thought of it.

The point is, you cannot “get” rich, unless you are lucky enough to receive an inheritance or win the lottery. To create wealth, you must create value. One of the very best ways to create value is to solve problems. The world is full of opportunities to create value and wealth — and these opportunities come disguised as problems.

Look around you. Opportunity is everywhere. There is plenty of abundant wealth just waiting to be created.


Our Comfort Zone

Hello Team & Welcome New IMDs! It is so easy for all of us just to go with the flow… isn’t it? It is called a “Comfort Zone” for a reason— it is perceived to be safe, cozy, without conflict, and most of all… comfortable. Ahhhh, yes… the Comfort Zone. The problem is, your Comfort Zone is more like grooves in a record (the things we played on record-players decades ago!). The more the same record is played, the deeper the grooves become! And it gets harder and harder to get out of those grooves and move freely. The grooves become engrained into our being, and that is precisely why true wealth (Time Freedom) is shared by so few. The rest of us are just moving along in pre-programmed “grooves” trying to get by, and in many cases, working like dogs! They call it “out-of-the-box” thinking for a reason. It’s like willingly running through the same maze over and over again, day-in and day-out, and wondering why we end up in the same place!

It is out of the box where you will find life’s treasures! It is like exploring a new world when one is out of their Comfort Zone! Network Marketing, for some reason, seems to be out of the Comfort Zone for the masses. But if you look at the leaders and top earners in the industry, they are right at home talking about their company, products and financial opportunity. Nothing could be more comfortable. The crazy thing is that everybody Networks every day; just think about it! Books, restaurants, movies, sales at stores, and almost every item that we spend money on is recommended daily by the masses! People even reccommend doctors, lawyers, builders, dentists, and on and on! Why not Beta Glucan? Why not financial freedom, or at least financial self-assistance? We heard a testimonial last night from a gentleman whose daughter had suspicious lumps on her lymph nodes. They are now gone and two specialists want to read the book- Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret. I am getting the details, but this was one of the most powerful testimonials I have heard to date. Pretty soon we’ll have people making huge sums of money and changing many, many lives. Why not become one of those people?

Ask yourself this- is your glass half full, or half empty? It is all about your attitude. Your attitude will get you out of your Comfort Zone and in the driver’s seat, leading you on the path to success. If you are not calling in, with or without guests, to the weekly conference calls, you are staying in your “grooves” and don’t even realize it! If you are doing something else productive, that’s okay. If you are on the couch or watching TV, how will that help you reach your goals? Are you going to meetings? Doing 3-way calls? Becoming financially free is not easy, but it is worth it! Change your mindset and change your outcome. It really is that simple. Get out of the maze. Maybe we need a 24-hour hotline for those weak moments! The tools for success are in place to help you. I’m here to help you. Let’s cross the finish-line together!

Today’s Quote:

In order to change, we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired. Unknown Source (someone really, really smart, though!)

See You at the TOP!!!

(Used with permission. Letter from MD Jack Grossman to his downline)


Winning Attitude

Performance is based not just on ability. You know that from experience. On different days, even though your ability does not change, your performance will vary widely. The difference is due largely to your state of mind. Yes, ability is important. Yet unless you’re able to manage your attitude, performance will suffer.

Your attitude is determined by you, by the way you control your mind and your body. It is independent of external factors. You can always find a reason to be depressed. You can always find a reason to be happy. You can always find a reason to be despairing, or a reason to be positive. Yet external reasons do not really matter because they are unnecessary.

The only reason you need to be happy, positive and enthusiastic is because you have chosen to be so, and because it will substantially improve your performance in any endeavor. On any day, in any situation, with any person, you can choose to move forward with a positive, winning attitude. Keep that in mind, and watch your effectiveness soar.

— Ralph Marston


A Penny Doubled Everyday =

A few years back I was having a conversation with some people on how whenever you decide to invest in something for the long term, you should always think ahead on what would be the best choice in the long run while having persistence to follow through with it. The scenario was that if you were given a choice to receive one million dollars in one month or a penny doubled every day for 30 days, which one would you choose? When I first heard this, I knew that the penny doubled everyday must have been the better choice to go with as it was a little obvious to me that it had to be a trick question of some sort. But how much better would it be was not something that I knew immediately. So to demonstrate this, it was actually written out with all the calculations and it turned out to something like this:


Day 1: $.01
Day 2: $.02
Day 3: $.04
Day 4: $.08
Day 5: $.16
Day 6: $.32
Day 7: $.64
Day 8: $1.28
Day 9: $2.56
Day 10: $5.12
Day 11: $10.24
Day 12: $20.48
Day 13: $40.96
Day 14: $81.92
Day 15: $163.84
Day 16: $327.68
Day 17: $655.36
Day 18: $1,310.72
Day 19: $2,621.44
Day 20: $5,242.88
Day 21: $10,485.76
Day 22: $20,971.52
Day 23: $41,943.04
Day 24: $83,886.08
Day 25: $167,772.16
Day 26: $335,544.32
Day 27: $671,088.64
Day 28: $1,342,177.28
Day 29: $2,684,354.56
Day 30: $5,368,709.12

Quite a big difference once you look at it as you would be getting over 5 million dollars with the penny doubled everyday for 30 days route. The funny thing when I look at this is how it is almost like starting a business and trying to make a profit. In the beginning you struggle a lot to get things going and afterwards once it reaches to a point it just takes off smoothly. How does that analogy go again?  It is something like; starting a business is like a rocket ship taking off into space. You spend 80% of your fuel during take off and once it reaches a certain point it flies smoothly with minimal consumption.

Start now building your RYL business and the same will take place.  Commit to your RYL business for 18 months and work it hard and strong and you will be rewarded with an income that you have always “DREAMED” of.  Remember you are a member of the “Dream Team” and with a little work and continued effort you will reap the rewards and your dreams will come true!


How To Make Your Links Stand Out On LinkedIn

by Adrienne Smith on August 18, 2011
in Social Media Marketing

Since I seem to be on a roll at the moment, I decided to just finish this post off with the remainder of what I had intended to share with you about LinkedIn.

In this post I’ll show you how to make your links stand out on LinkedIn.  In my last post I shared with you “How To Get Around In LinkedIn“.  It’s geared more toward the business professional but isn’t that who we really all want to work with anyway?

In this video I show you how you can dress up your links so that when people view your profile, your website section won’t just say “Blog” or “Company Website” etc.  I mean, that really doesn’t look very professional wouldn’t you agree?  You know me, once I learned how to do this it was just a matter of time before I share it with you.

While I was there I also wanted to show you the quick and easy way to connect your other accounts so that they will show up on your profile as well.  So, ready to learn some more cool tricks?  Watch this.

Hope you enjoyed the video and was able to learn a few new things.  Now you’ll definitely stand out from the rest.

Be sure and leave me your comments and let me know what you think plus if there is anything else you want to know, I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.  Trust me, I’m not an expert in LinkedIn but I’ve got some resources that I can refer to now.  Yey!!!

P.S.  I recently learned that LinkedIn has also decided to mess with our privacy settings so be sure and change yours.  They are doing a Facebook on us now.  Check out this post and change yours today.

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