Building A Championship Team

03 Oct

As sports seasons shift, it’s tough to escape the buzz about how various teams are doing, whether they’re starting the season or bringing it to a close. Like sports teams with legacies for winning, businesses can create an environment compelling enough to attract – and keep – the top talent in their industry. While that culture gets set from the top down, it is the talent of the team – not any individual player – that drives the group to success.

Retaining your top direct selling talent benefits your company through both leadership and a lasting institutional memory, and especially in today’s economy, a stable job benefits your star employees. But how do you get them to stay? Here are a few ways Harvard Business Review recommends to keep your top talent:

  • Trust the team – Each member of your team brings a unique set of strengths to the table. Give them opportunities to put these to work and do what they do best.

  • Make connections – Take the time each day to build that one-on-one relationship with each member, checking in personally and professionally (avoiding private or sensitive topics unless the team brings them up, of course).

  • Respect individuality – Remember that each team member’s needs vary from his or her peers. Assignments, benefits and praise should be tailored to the individual’s needs and personality.

By creating a positive team atmosphere, you’ll be able to build a lasting success like those sports teams that dominate from year to year by attracting and retaining top talent. The investment you make in catering to each team member will pay off with championship-like success down the road.


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