This Ain’t No Picnic

22 Oct

by Mr. Bob Fields, Master Distributor, RYL

You have heard it said before, “Anything worth having is worth fighting for.”

In the national news this week we see the 99% “fighting” via public protest, for jobs and economic fairness.  The fathers of our great nation fought for freedom.  Even in the Bible we read that God’s chosen people had to fight to go into and possess the “Promised Land.”

In my normal enthusiastic zeal, it is easy for me to share my genuine heartfelt beliefs and convictions about Restart Your Life.  We have life changing products and a life changing income opportunity.  I am thoroughly convinced we have the best of both.  Not only within our industry, but I believe it would be next to impossible to find a better business opportunity anywhere.  But just the same, “This Ain’t No Picnic!”  So you must remember, anything worth having is worth fighting for.

There is hardly a person on the planet, short of a transplant patient, who would not benefit from Beta Glucan; Enfamil even includes it in a premium line of Baby Formulas.  And with the high levels of both unemployment and underemployment, there are millions who desperately need our financial opportunity.  The problem is many of them don’t know they need our business because many of them don’t understand our business.  But that is a gigantic opportunity for me and you.

Often someone achieves noteworthy success, and prior to that success they were operating below our radar.  There is a natural tendency to think of them as an “over-night sensation;” to imply that their success was easy.  But almost always we come to learn there was a lot of hard work involved.  In other words, their success didn’t just happen; they fought to make it happen.  In some ways the same is going to be true of me and you here in RYL.  Even with the best products, the best compensation plan and great marketing tools, we are going to have to fight our fears of rejection, fight the negativity of broke brother-in-laws (who want to give you advice on how to make money), fight our own reluctances to step outside of our personal comfort zones, and face-down any other enemy that is trying to hold you back.  Just remember this, the fight is worth it.  “This Ain’t No Picnic,” but if you press forward and refuse to give in or give up, you will be victorious.  This is your business and fighting for it is part of the price you pay for success.  It might take you more than 90 days or nine months, but my good friend, Jack Grossman tells me that even if you only enroll one IMD per month, and you encourage those you enroll, and the ones they enroll (and so on) to do the same; then you can fill up a full 3 x 9 matrix in only 27 months!   Since each person in your matrix represents at least $1.00 per month in income, you have the potential to earn $29,523 per month in only 27 months!  What job could YOU get right now that will equal this opportunity?

This is worth fighting for and my title is very correct (even though the grammar is poor), “This Ain’t No Picnic,” it’s really more like breakfast at Tiffany’s, lunch at 30,000 feet over the Atlantic, and dinner in Paris!

Jeremiah 33:9 says, (if you return to me and keep my covenant) others will look with awe and tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace I provide for you. 

God loves you and so do I,

              Bob Fields
Master Distributor, RYL


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