BETA GLUCAN Patent Application to Prevent Bone Loss!

23 Oct
 Patent Application to Prevent Bone Loss!
Example of Normal Bone Matrix vs Osteoporosis Matrix
A new U.S. patent application has just been filed as of August, 2011.
Here is the Patent Abstact:
The invention provides methods of using beta glucans to treat conditions
associated with bone loss or low bone density as well as methods for promoting
bone growth in situations where enhanced bone growth is desirable.
In the invention methods beta glucans are administered so as to enhance the
development of osteoblasts and the inhibition of the development and recruitment
of osteoclasts.
The inhibition of the recruitment and development of osteoclasts, coupled with
the enhancement of osteoblast maturation by beta glucans leads to decreased
bone resorption and increased bone formation, making beta glucans ideal agents
for the treatment of osteoporosis and other bone resorption diseases.
Here is a short one minute video showing
how the osteoclasts and osteoblasts affect the bone structure.

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