Great Information: Beta Glucan Research Paper

06 Nov

Health Benefits of Beta Glucan

According to a newly published research article Beta Glucan is MAKING THE NEWS!

It shows the safety and health benefits of Beta Glucan when used with food products.

Here are some of the recognized Health Benefits from the article—

Beta glucan provides numerous beneficial health effects such as:

  • Reduced bowel transit time (Feldheim & Wisker, 2000),
  • Prevention of constipation,
  • Reduced risk of colorectal cancer(Bingham, 1990; Faivre & Bonithin Kopp, 1999; Hill, 1997),
  • Lower blood cholesterol,
  • Better regulated blood glucose levels (Bornet et al., 1987; Frost et al., 1999; Gallagher et al., 1993;German et al., 1996),
  • Production of short chain fatty acids (Karppinen et al., 2000; Velasquez etal., 2000; Wisker et al., 2000),
  • Promotion of the growth of the beneficial bacteria in the colon and improved digestion(Crittenden et al., 2002; Tugland, 2003)
  • Contributes to the intestinal viscosity and thereby Reduces Cholesterol Absorption (Bernardshaw etal., 2006).
  • Studies on beta glucan have shown that it is a promising substance in promoting many health benefits in humans, and further investigation of developing novel products containing betaglucan is suggested.
  • United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) permits products containing beta glucan to make health claims related to lower cholesterol and minimize risk of coronary heart diseases (CHD).
  • To meet the daily dietary intake levels, one serving of the product containing 3g of beta glucan is necessary to make the health claims on the product.

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