RYL Goes International!

08 Dec
  • Today Restart Your Life is officially an International Company.  If you have contacts in the United Kingdom (England) or Ireland, call them up today and let them know they are now eligible to be IMDs with Restart Your Life today.   This is huge.   And just the beginning.   Just think, if you have IMDs in either of these 2 new countries, that makes you the CEO of your own International Company.   That will be a great opening line for some of you at an upcoming Holiday party.

  • Some of our new IMDs recently had a couple issues setting up our FREE Marketing System.   Those issues have been resolved and all systems are now “GO” with our Marketing System.   Please review the 3 Step-by-Step videos we have in your back office to effectively use your RYL Marketing System.  Please find these videos in your back office under “Education Center’, then “Marketing System”.   These short videos are listed as Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.

  • Make a commitment today to attend our 1st Anniversary National Convention, June 22-24 in Charlotte, NC.   All IMDs received an e-mail on this announcement yesterday with the link to the Registration Form.   Register today and talk this exciting event up amongst your Team.


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