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Beta Glucan in the Fight Against Cancer

Since the first scientific discovery 40 years ago, the anti-tumor activity of beta glucan has been clearly demonstrated in numerous animal and human studies involving a wide range of tumors including breast, lung, and gastrointestinal cancer. In Japan, beta glucan is a licensed immunostimulant for cancer treatment and numerous clinical trials are currently under way, both in the United States and in several European countries.

Cancer cells have mechanisms to evade the body’s defenses and make them difficult to destroy. These cells have changed their normal characteristics and constantly attack our body in an effort to either overcome the immune system, which, after some time, becomes exhausted, or escape recognition and subsequent destruction by our natural defense mechanisms.     Cancer overwhelms or overpowers our numerous immune cells (white blood cells including macrophages, dendritic cells and natural killer or NK cells).

In healthy bodies, these defender cells successfully manage to fight the invading pathogens and tumor cells, but the ability of our body to heal is not endless.  In addition, stress, allergies, pollutants and age have negative effects on the strength of our natural defensive reactions. Under normal conditions, the immune system is able to overcome the invasion of cancer cells, but at times of extreme conditions, the natural line of defense is often just not strong enough. When the immune system is compromised, there is severe risk of the development of tumors. Clearly, our immune cells need any help they can get, and this is the reason immunomodulators like beta glucan are so important.  <More Read Full Article>


New Cancer Drugs Use Body’s Own Defenses

New Cancer Drugs Use Body’s Own Defenses is the title of a story published in the Wall Street Journal June 1, 2012.  The story covers what I have been teaching for nearly 20 years.  That is to harness and use the power of our own immune system as a key strategy to use in the fight against cancer.  Billions of dollars are now being spent by drub giants such as Bistol-Myers, Genentech, Smith-Kline and many others in a race to come up with drugs that mimic what a healthy and competent immune system does by itself.

Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) released figures on cancer to be on a steady rise.  In fact, they state that cancer rates will be up by over 50% in countries like the US and by over 90% in some other countries.  Why does one, in he face of all the evidence,  choose not to do what they can to maintain and support a healthy immune system?  The answers are truly limited.  Either they do not know and understand or they do not care.  Do not waste you time with the latter.  The materials that I have been manufacturing and distributing for over 15 years are at the center of this type research and new studies are being published routinely repeatedly showing the safety and benefits they possess.  We possess control over diet, exercise, stress and other factors that are shown to promote cancer.  Now you have products, if used as directed, are shown to help you maintain a healthy immune system.  In fact, we know that according to your body weight, you can choose the level of immune support that you want and/or need.

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MS-NBC News from Saturday Night – Awesome!!

Watch this very important news announcement regarding cancer.

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