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Hello and welcome!  My name is Bob Wieters and I am a Founder; Triple Diamond & National Training Director, ID#1033, in Restart Your Life.  My ID# indicates that I was the 33rd person to sign-up in this awesome company, Restart Your Life.

I have been in Network Marketing  or MLM if you will, since 1975. Retired in 2005 and decided to come out of retirement when approached with what I call “The Opportunity of a Lifetime” with the ultimate “Product of a Lifetime”.

A friend of mine introduced me to Restart Your Life, a company out of  South Carolina with a product that was a “cancer” fighter. Since I lost my mother, mother’s sister, mother’s brother and my brother to cancer this caught my eye and was a no brainer for me. Also the marketing plan was one that I have never seen before, one that would provide a lucrative income for the distributors. Bonus pools that were unheard of and a chance to be a “Founding Partner”, which everyone had a chance to be prior to August 31, 2011.

This company launched on June 25, 2011 with a conference at their home offices in South Carolina. My beautiful wife and I attended.  Our Team was recognized with already having 3 Triple Diamonds in its organization.

Great news came out at the conference and they rolled out of a new product, Trinity Lotion as well as  announcements enhancing the compensation plan.  Do your due diligence and Google Beta1 3D Glucan and read the reports, then Google our developer and co-owner, Mr. A.J. Lanigan, you will be amazed at what you will be provided!

Everyone has a chance to build an organization and begin earning both weekly and monthly checks.  Which in 24 months or less could be in the range of $29,523.00 per month.  Yes, I said per month!  And earnings could be much higher than that when you add the Matrix (3×9 Forced Matrix); Founders Pool; Diamond, Double Diamond and Triple Diamond Pools and the rest of the 11 ways to earn an income with Restart Your Life.  This is the most lucrative pay plan that I have seen in the 30+ years I have been in Network Marketing.

Look forward to working with you, so shoot me an email when you join so I can send you a Welcome Notice along with some interesting information that will help you develop your team and organization.

Bob Wieters, #1033
Founder, Triple Diamond and
National Training Director


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