Recorded Conference Calls

We will be posting the recorded conference calls from both our organizations Master Distributor and Corporate Conference Calls.

  • Corporate Conference calls at twice a week.  The calls are always at 9:00pm ET on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Tuesday night call is about the Business Opportunity and Thursday night call is about the Product Information and is hosted by Mr. A.J. Lanigan himself.  He will answer any and all questions regarding the product from those calling into the conference call.  Simply dial (712) 432-0075 and enter Pin: 647557 and you will be connected to the call live.

Click here to listen to the Business Opportunity Recording from
Tuesday, October 9th @ 9:00PM EST by Mr. Rick Rountree, Senior Vice President, Sales

Featuring Ronnie Ward – Triple Diamond

Click here to listen to the latest Product Information Recording from
Thursday, October 11th @ 9:00PM EST by Mr. A.J. Lanigan, Part-Owner/Manufacture
of Restart Your Life Beta1, 3D Glucan
(Featuring Discussion on): Chocolate, Dosage, Cancer, White Blood Cells, and
How this gets into your immune system


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